Guide of using WordPress Auto Post plugin.

Installation and Configuration

– Install it on Joomla site as same as other Joomla extensions.
– Go to Settings page of WordPress Auto Post plugin. Please look the feature image, there are 3 fields you have to fill up:

1. WordPress Link: The link to WP site. For example, if your site is http://yourdomain.com, you should input http://yourdomain.com/xmlrpc.php
2. Admin account name: The admin name of your WP site.
3. Admin password: The admin password of your WP site.
*If you leave blank any fields, this plugin will not work*


– Create new or edit any Joomla articles, you will see there is new tab on the screen page. That is WordPress Options, and if you want to post the Joomla article on right place at your WordPress site, you should set up this tab:

1. Active option: Let the plugin knows if you want to post this article onto the wordpress site?
2. Categories: You could put the list of categories at the wordpress site. Format: cate_name_1;cate_name_2;cate_name_3…
3. Status: Just like the Publish field when you add a new post. Set to publish to have your post published immediately.
4. Post Format: Select Format of Post.
5. WordPress Post ID: This field will have value when this article was already posted into WP site. The value is ID of your WP post. Do not do any things with this field.


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