Guide through Bits-Pays

Just want to introduce an innovative advertising and earning services – bits-pays.com.

Bits-pays was built from a the ground up on a new system with the mindset to taking into consideration everyone thoughts. It’s been 9 month of work to present you with something that will fulfil your needs as a program user.

As it’s scratch built, they were able to implement all their ideas in to it. Every member – paid or free, can earn big with their program, they have built it taking everyone in consideration because every single one of you is very important for health of the program.

The sustainment of the site, appears to be based around Advertisements and CoinHive Captcha. There does not appear to be any hidden mining, but there is the occasional popunder/popup. But nothing to annoying.

There are these main ways for earning:

  1. Flash Ads

    Flash Ads are that Ads delivered in a Flash, watch for a few seconds and earn your reward. Rewards range from 5 to 50 Satoshi depending on the advertiser.

  2. InFrame Ads

    Solve captcha to view ad. Note: As more ads you’ll view, the more complicated captcha you’ll have to solve!

    Earning amount can vary from 10 Satoshi to 100 Satoshi depending on advertiser. Members with upgraded account status earn more from each advertisement.

  3. NoFrame Ads

    No need to solve captcha, just click View Ads and wait until getting the coins. Value from 10 to 30 Satoshi.

  4. Daily Bonus

    To be entitled to the Daily Bonus, you must view 3 Flash Ads. You can collect it once per day.

    You can generate random bonus as many times as you want if you feel randomly generated bonus does not meat your requirements, generate new bonus by solving captcha again and generating new random bonus.

    Do this until you think bonus is good enough this time, and only then collect it.

    In future Daily bonus will start generating all sorts of prizes, not only satoshi, like miner boosts and so on, but there will be separate announcement when it will be live.

  5. Miner Game

    The miner game is a nice little bonus to the usual stuff that’s available within the PTC world. It’s free to participate and requires no investment, however you can invest to progress quicker, but it gives you nothing you can’t get for free.

    First you must find a mine, 100% being the best mine you can find.

    You can generate random mine as many times as you want, if you feel that you got low efficiency mine, just solve captcha again and generate new random mine.
    It is randomly selected each time and it can be from 10% to 100%. Generate new mines as many times as they want. Once you feel you have right mine, then save it.

    Your miner is like real person, he likes to do his mining a lot, so all day he does not do nothing else, but mine. But he is like us, he needs to eat in order to work. Every day you need to feed him if you like your miner or else he downs tools!

    To feed your miner, Click main miner picture it the model solve captcha to add five hours of food, you can add more food by repeating these action, please note that maximum you can add 10 hours of food.

    Your miner is working and mining credits, those credits are placed to pending credits balance, you have to collect pending balance. Collecting credits will add experience to your miner and his level will grow, you can see how much experience you still need for next miner level. Once required amount of credits needed is reached, miner will be automatically be upgraded to next level.

    Keep doing the same, feed him and collect credits and your miner will grow. Once your Miner reaches level 10 he will start mining satoshi’s along with credits, credits will still be used to upgrade your miner to higher level, but the collected satoshi’s will be credited to your account Main balance.

    With every miner level increase, mining speed will increase too, the bigger your miner, the more credits, later and satoshis, he will mine per second.

    To increase credits mining speed even more, you can upgrade miner personal tools on the right. Just click tool picture and add points to that tool until his level increases, this will add mining speed.

    With only 20 lvl miner, without any additional tools members will mine about 15,000 satoshis per day.

    At 100% efficiency with miner level 20 without additional machinery, would mine about 15,000 satoshi’s per 24 hours, if miner has food all the time. Maximum food you can add is 10 hours, so if you add food just before it runs out, miner should work 24/7 without any breaks.

    Once you reach miner level 20 and you will start mining satoshis too, you will be able to purchase heavy machinery. Heavy machinery is additional tools to speed up satoshi mining speed, once purchased they can be upgraded the same way as miner personal tools.

    With every new miner level you will mine more and more Satoshis, each member can see few future levels mining speed in the miner panel, just scroll down the page. So now even if it is harder to reach high level, you already mining satoshi’s while increasing your miner level.

  6. Hour Faucet

    Do not forget to claim Satoshi hourly!

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