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Throw out the complicate settings of cronjob with WPPipes from your mind! Use this plugin, you could run each pipe via cronjob on server side at any specific time. Let imagine you have 100 pipes and you could make each pipe run at the different time. For example:

– Pipe#2 will run at every
– Pipe#5 runs at every

So on…

Simple way is setting up cronjob on your server with the link YOUR_SITE_DOMAIN/?pipes=cronsingle&task=croneachpipe&pipeid=PIPE_ID.

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3 reviews for Cronjob Single Pipe

  1. 1 out of 5


    THIS WAS FREE. I needed this function to keep the content on my site level. This is greed in its purest fashion. I just updated this pulgin and I now see that This was put behind a paywall? You should be ashamed in yourselves. I am absolutely disgusted and disappointed that a plug in I loved and respected has fallen to such insulting business practices that practicly extort it’s user base. Absolutely disgusting

    • :

      Hi Evan Haggard,

      I agree that all of us always need the best things in free. But what you said about my extra add-on is not reasonable. WPPipes is being still free, and you could still keep your content updating on your site as it was with the core functions of WPPipes. Cronjob Single Pipe is only an extra add-on which I tried to develop because of my personal purposes. And I asked the authors of WPPipes for noticing the users because I know there could be others need it.

      I am not the author of WPPipes. Hopefully you could understand: I do not force people like you buy my add-on. I also can make sure that the authors of WPPipes also do not want to force anyone. You could not want to buy any things but the others could want. And we also have to keep our life going on for continuing providing the other products or services.

      Best Regards!

  2. 2 out of 5


    Hello , my wp-pipes stops automatic update after upgrading to 1.25. I have to manually run each pipe to get my posts/categories updated. Will you plugin resolves the issue? Thx

    • :

      Hi lady,

      Thank you very much for being interested in my product! I could make sure my product will not make you disappointed. In case it does not work as its description, I will refund, of course!

      Best Regards!

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Bought today to solve cron job execution issues
    Works Perfectly (tested on csv to Twitter and rss to Twitter pipes).
    Good job !

    • :

      Hi Christophe,

      Thank you very much for appreciate!

      I think I have a quite of good knowledge about WPPipes, so if you need any supports while using it, you could feel free to contact me!

      Best Regards!

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